Today’s global world and competitive market places the development of human capital development one of the important aspects for business survival.  Managing businesses in the ever-expanding Halal market against the backdrop of uncertainty in social, political and economic aspects necessitate the continuous updates of skill sets and qualifications.

Growing fast and getting market share without adapting the market changes is no longer an option for halal businesses.  Thus, human capital development is a significant ingredient to economic growth to drive these changes

HDC’s Halal training programmes are designed to suit the current business needs and is continuously updated to synchronise with the changes in the market.   

Since the inception of HDC Halal Training in 2008, we have trained 60,000 personnel worldwide through our programmes. Amongst them are the 10,000 talents certified Halal Knowledge Personnel. Our bespoke training programmes cover the Halal Industry Best Practices, Benchmarked Halal Training Modules, Career Enhancement Through Halal, as well as Halal Education for Students.

HDC’s Halal Training

Working with our International Strategic Partners, HDC offers a
comprehensive Halal training that covers the entire Halal Ecosystem Spectrum.  


Halal Industry Fundamentals (HIF)

(1 Day Awareness Programme)

The course is essential to individuals, organizations and stakeholders who desire to understand about the halal industry. The course will impart knowledge on the importance of halal and ways and means the industry players in both food and non-food sectors must undertake to ensure that their products are halal and thoyib (wholesome).
Malaysia Halal Certification (MHC)

(1 Day Industry Programme)

Malaysia Halal Certification (MHC)
Malaysia Halal Certification module is specially designed to facilitate business owners to certify their business as Halal, after they understand the fundamental concept of Halal. It covers the certification’s requirements, conditions, Internal Halal Control System (IHCS), MYeHALAL and Halal related laws from the Trade Description Act 2011.
Halal Pharmaceuticals

(2 Days Industry Programme)

The course provides participant with the interpretation on requirement complying to MS2424:2019 and Malaysian Halal Certification. Participant will be equipped with knowledge on related shariah, halal critical ingredients, production and handling of halal pharmaceutical products. It also furnishes the working level with knowledge to prepare relevant documentation for Halal Certification submission.

(2 Days Industry Programme)

The Fundamental of Halal Logistics is a new industry ridden academic and practical applied program created to meet the rapidly changing needs of Supply Chain Management (SCM) field emphasis on Halal principles, operation, and implementation. Participant will be equipped with the right knowledge and skills to handle and implement the Halal retail and Supply Chain function and objective. The course is highly interactive, and emphasizes practical applications in real-life situations.
Muslim-friendly Hospitality

(2 Days Industry Programme)

The course covers the concepts and requirements of MFH, one of the important elements in Islamic Tourism. This includes the fundamentals of Muslim-friendly tourism, the management and personal responsibility and ecosystem of MFH. It is an added value, particularly for tactical and executive staff in the tourism industry, in line with the current MS2610:2015 and OIC/SMIIC 9:2019.
Concept of Halal Slaughtering In Islam

(2 Days Awareness Programme)

This module provides the fundamental knowledge on Shariah in the light of science and management aspects of Halal slaughtering. It emphasizes the influences of pre-slaughter, slaughter and post-slaughter factors on welfare, physiological stress responses, skeletal muscle metabolism and meat quality in ruminants and non-ruminants.
Halal Assurance Management System (HAS)

(2 Days Industry Programme)

The course is designed to provide knowledge and guidance on the implementation of HAS. This course provides participants with an in-depth understanding and knowledge of HAS as a method to overcome hazards and establish an effective control system, thus safeguarding integrity and safety in the production of halal products and related services.
Halal Internal Auditing (HIA)

(3 Days Industry Programme)

The course is structured to enhance the auditing skills and knowledge required for auditing purposes. The course provides an in-depth review of internal halal auditing phases as well as conformity assessment to meet the halal certification requirements and best practices. Participants are exposed to audit theory and hands-on practice through case studies.
Halal Masterclass - Halal Internal Governance and Compliance

(2 Days Industry Programme)

Specially designed for managers and Internal Halal Committee chairman, this course equips participants with understanding and practical approaches in maintaining the halal internal control and governance, halal risk management and handling crisis in relation to halal. Ideally, a halal-certified company should have a good halal internal control system that is governed by qualified and experienced personnel.
Certified Halal Executive Programme (CHEP)

(10 days)

The comprehensive course provides the know-how of Halal Manual and Halal Record Administration, mainly for the organization’s Internal Halal Committee (IHC). The course includes modules on the Halal Quality Assurance System, Halal Certification Process Administration and Halal Internal Audit Facilitation. Terms and Conditions may apply for this training.
Certified Halal Internal Auditing Programme (CHAP)

(11 days)

The comprehensive course is specially designed to furnish the organization’s Internal Halal Committee members with related technical and hands-on experience on Halal Auditing in manufacturing facilities or business premises. Those who pass the assessment should be well-equipped and able to lead the company’s Halal Internal Audit sessions. Terms and Conditions may apply for this training.


HDC Training Centre Advisors

Suryati Mohd Hayani

Head of Halal Training Institute

Akmal Zaman Abu

Advisor, Halal Training Institute

Muhammad Zhafri Muhammad Khusairi

Advisor, Halal Training Institute

Nurul Nazatul Ain Natiman

Advisor, Halal Training Institute

Aneesa Syaheeda Mohd Taufik

Advisor, Halal Training Institute

Maisarah Binti Norazman

Advisor, Halal Training Institute

Mohd Razif Othman

Advisor, Halal Training Institute

Muhammad Husaini Abdul Rahman

Advisor, Halal Training Institute

Siti Fatimah Khairud-din

Advisor, Halal Training Institute

Nur Aishah Sofia Mohamad Yanin

Advisor, Halal Training Institute

Nurul Aishah Binti Fairos

Advisor, Halal Training Institute