Creating New and
Bigger Market Space

Malaysia halal brand will be strengthened through targeted campaigns and promotions, strategic collaboration and partnership to capture new growth opportunities in existing markets and penetrate into new emerging markets. Local SMEs access to global market will also be fostered through compliance with international standards requirements, such as HACCP and GMP, and utilisation of reputable online trading platforms. In addition, consultancy services on halal ecosystem development will also be offered to interested countries, including non-Muslim majority countries. In supporting this initiative, the integrated halal database comprising information on market intelligence, trends and profile will be enhanced in ensuring data-driven decisions.
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Facilitate participation and growth of halal industry participants

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Facilitate international relations and cooperation towards beneficial returns in terms of investment, trade and information – expertise – technology sharing

Halal Sourcing Partnership Program

By uplifting sectorial competitiveness of SMEs in halal promoted sectors to create Halal high-performance Home Grown Champion companies.​ “Halal Home-grown champion” envisioned are recognized industry players that are able to accelerate business growth and able to support other firms through a complete Halal supply chain ecosystem.