MPIH functions as the advisor to the Government in Halal Industry matters and acts as the national Council to consider, endorse and monitor the implementation of policies relevant to the development of the Halal Industry within the socio-economic developmental framework.

MPIH plays a role in:

1. Coordinating the implementation of relevant action plans, obtaining input, views and suggestions from all stakeholder groups including experts from various fields and analyzing current issues related to the Halal Industry.

2. Monitoring the implementation of the Halal Industry Master Plan 2030 (HIMP 2030).

Jawatankuasa Pembangunan Industri Halal (JPPIH) acts as the steering committee to define national Halal Industry priorities and resource allocation for Halal Industry initiatives and accountable for the success of Halal Industry goals. JPPIH reports to MPIH.

The Secretariat serves MPIH and JPPIH in secretarial matters at all levels of meetings and as the strategic coordination and delivery unit to monitor, track and report implementation progress.

Mesyuarat MPIH Bil. 1-2023

Mesyuarat MPIH Bil. 2-2023