Halal Consultancy & Advisory

HDC offers a one-stop professional services to businesses and organizations on the inner and outer workings of the Halal ecosystem.  Focusing on end-to-end solutions, we integrate Halal requirements when working with our partners as they solidify their halal business journey.

Our Consultancy will see us facilitating:

Pre-Halal Certification

  • Halal awareness programs based on your business needs
  • Strategic advises on to be part of the Halal world
  • Technical consultation and coaching for Halal certification
  • Access to Halal Ingredients portal and Halal Talent portal for your business demand
  • Advises on financing assistance for investments in Malaysia.

Halal Certified Entities

  • Technical assistance to improve the Halal Assurance Management System.
  • Consultation and coaching in managing Halal crises.
  • Thorough assessment through our Halal internal audit service and reputable report on your Halal compliance sustainability.
  • Recommendation relevant to Halal laboratory testing.

Halal Business Growth

As custodian of Malaysia’s Halal economy, HDC provides you access to our on-going developmental initiatives:

  • Business branding
  • Business matching and new market entry
  • Halal related incentives
  • Other products and management quality certifications
  • Business incubation programs.

Professional Demands

Our professional advisory and consultation services extend beyond Halal certification such as:

  • Governance strategy related to Halal.
  • Framework development.
  • Advises on the establishment of authorities and laboratories.

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HDC Halal Consultancy comprises professionals that
are experienced in the Halal economy. Together, we will help you
connect with your needs in pursuing your Halal vision.

Dhaliff G. Anuar

Head of Halal Consultancy & Advisory

Muhamad Noridham Nordin

Advisor, Halal Consultancy & Advisory

Ashley Amanina Mohd Raihan

Advisor, Halal Consultancy & Advisory

Fatin Nur Ashira Mohd Ashraf

Advisor, Halal Consultancy & Advisory

Norhafizah Kamarudin

Advisor, Halal Consultancy & Advisory

Wan Ali Abbas Wan Mustafa Kamal

Advisor, Halal Consultancy & Advisory