Empowering Halal Experts and Know-How

As the halal industry expands, there is a great opportunity for more halal skilled workers and professionals to play a bigger role in the industry. As such, focus will be given to increase supply of talent and experts as well as recognise halal practitioners as professionals to provide a pool of quality talent in halal industry. The academic syllabus, programmes and training modules for specific halal courses will be streamlined and accredited in accordance with the National Occupational Skills Standards (NOSS) and Malaysian Qualifications Framework (MQF). Halal Professional Board (HPB) will be upgraded and established as the professional body to register and recognise halal professionals. A proper recognition of halal professionals will pave the way for a bigger pool of talent in halal industry.
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Provide advisory services on opportunities throughout the halal market and value chain.

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Add value on talents development initiatives

Halal Knowledge Center (HKC)

As the leading Halal knowledge purveyor and custodian for academic researches, industry insights, and economic studies that relays the Halal Economy impact within the Global economy, and to increase Halal competitiveness towards other economies.


By producing an almanac of halal-related publications for en mass, curated  or on strategic platforms.

For the general public, consumers, industry players, investors, stakeholders, and governments to best pursue the Halal Economy.