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Facilitate the management of halal industry-related initiatives and issues

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Facilitate the development of fully halal and shariah-compliant value chain

Local halal entrepreneurs will be encouraged to venture into the production of high value products realised through industry collaboration on trade and investments such as strategic partnerships, alliances, joint ventures and franchises.

Bumiputera participation in the halal supply chain will be further strengthened through improvement of existing programmes, and creation of new programmes to facilitate expansion into high value products.

The halal industry supply chain will be improved to position Malaysia as a Global Halal Hub. In this regard, existing infrastructure of Halal Parks, distribution centre and halal e-trading platform will be leveraged for halal seamless connectivity. The infrastructure of halal parks will be reviewed and upgraded to be more industry friendly to attract new investment and expand existing businesses.

Besides, incentives will be reviewed to attract strategic partners and joint investment in halal promoted industries. Malaysia will also be promoted as a destination for investment through various platforms such as ASEAN, OIC and Chamber(s) of Commerce.