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Ladies And Gentlemen

Salam Keluarga Malaysia and a very good evening. Assalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh,

  1. Let me start by first congratulating the Sixteen (16) winners who will be receiving their awards tonight. On behalf of Halal Development Corporation or HDC, we are delighted that our distinguished guests are able to join us tonight to celebrate this unquestionably Halal most prestigious recognition to be awarded to state, organisations and individual.
  2. Each year, these awards provide a stage for these winners from the various Halal industries to showcase their growth, their workforce and their halal innovations, putting the national spotlight on their success stories.
  3. And that stage is not just about a pat on the back or a photo opportunity; it is where Halal players are elevated into role models for others to emulate towards the growth of the country’s Halal industry. With each winner, we are able to inspire others with the potential to be part of a thriving halal industry.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Recognition to Halal Growth Leaders

  1. This WHEA that we are here to celebrate tonight is to recognise and honour exceptional contributions and achievements by Halal players within the respective industries.
  2. To-date, more than 200 recognitions have been awarded to state, organisations, individuals and companies.  The importance of this yearly award recognition is that it has represented the range of diverse businesses that the halal industry is becoming known for around the globe.
  3. While the traditional Food & Beverage had led the pack in the growth of the Halal market, it is encouraging that to see other new sectors becoming a part of the Halal industry family with increasing frequency with each passing year.
  4. Previous winners range from household names like MacDonald, Nestle, to high growth products and small start-up, namely the Halal entrepreneurs that are harnessing and implementing Halal stringent standards to shake up existing industries.

Talent Development is Crucial

  1. Thus far, Halal Excellence Award has been accorded for Halal Financial, Halal Prominent Brand, Halal Food and Beverages, Halal Logistic, Halal Innovation, Halal Healthcare, Halal International Business as well as Halal State Performance.
  2. And HDC is fully committed in our role to support and facilitate the growth momentum of the Halal Industry in the years ahead. In addition to recognising the achievements by the Halal players in growing the respective industries, this year we have included a new award.
  3. Talent development plays an important and integral role in the development of the Halal industry. It is apt that the effort of institution of learnings to develop this manpower are recognised.  Thus, HDC has this year introduce the Halal Accredited Centre to further strengthen the talent development infrastructure to meet the Halal industry requirement.

Halal is the New Emerging Economy

  1. There has been a growing acceptance of Halal products, services and practices across the world, among Muslims as well as non-Muslims; the Halal market is set to grow beyond the Muslim majority countries.
  2. Many nations now view Halal as an emerging market force and an important value proposition, contributing towards their respective national economies.  This has led to the Halal agenda being given a much higher level of priorities irrespective of whether Muslims are the majority or minority in those populations.
  3. Japan, Korea, Australia and New Zealand are some of the countries placing higher priorities to the promotion of the Halal agenda. Australia and New Zealand have built their entire food-based industries to be the main suppliers of Halal food to the Middle Eastern markets.
  4. Japan is aggressively expanding exports of “Made in Japan” halal products and services in its efforts to expand its Halal footprint to the Muslim markets. Increase in Muslim tourists has also encouraged Japanese manufacturers to seek Halal Certification for their products.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

HDC Collaborations

  1. To expand the nations geographical reach, HDC had built inroads for collaborations to complement these respective countries growth of the respective Halal industries.
  2. And at this World Halal Excellence Award Ceremony 2021, HDC is are proud to announce our latest collaboration with the Australian Trade and Investment Commission (AUSTRADE) to host and organize the World Halal Business Conference Circuit 2022 in Melbourne, Australia scheduled to be held mid this year.
  3. Malaysia and Australia has long been a trade partner in the Halal industry, notably in the foodservice such as dairies and meat, hospitality industries and manufacturing.
  4. This will complement Malaysia’s robust manufacturing sector which will continue to play a vital role in the country’s economic transformation. Last year, the manufacturing sector contributed about 22% of the country’s GDP including a growing halal manufacturing subsector focused on food and healthcare products.
  5. The collaboration will enhance Malaysia’s standing as a preferred partner in the global halal ecosystem and create increased commercial opportunities for Australian and Malaysian stakeholders in the growing halal economy.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

A Changing World Post Covid-19

  1. The Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated many changes in terms of economic, societal and technological trends. We are now operating amidst a ‘new normal’ landscape where there is greater use of digital technology that resulted in the increase in e-commerce and change in consumer behaviour.
  2. This new normal sees HDC revolutionising and strengthening its Halal Integrated Platform or HIP to assist Halal players especially the entrepreneurs to grow their businesses, by connecting them to stakeholders within the Halal ecosystem around the world.
  3. Our support and facilitation roles for the Halal players provides a platform for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to explore opportunities to become suppliers for multinational corporations (MNC) through the Halal Sourcing Partnership Programme or HSPP.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Growth of Malaysia’s Halal Industry

  1. Malaysia has come a long way in the development of our Halal industry and have grown from strength to strength. The industry is expected to contribute 8.1 per cent to the country’s gross domestic product (GDP) and generate RM56 billion export revenue in 2025 compared to RM30. 6 billion in 2020 as per the 12th Malaysia Plan (12MP).
  2. We had achieved global position in the halal industry and garnered current industry size through substantial efforts in developing our halal ecosystem. Malaysia’s Halal brand is now widely recognized and accepted throughout the world.
  3. We are currently at a juncture whereby there is an undersupply situation in the global market, hence our Halal players must make full use of this strong Halal brand to venture abroad and establishing bigger market share within the global Halal market. These presents opportunities to capture the estimated global consumption of halal goods and services expected to grow at 3.5% annually to reach USD2.4 trillion in 2024.
  4. 26. Moving forward, let us work hand-in-hand to grow the Halal industry.

Ladies and Gentlemen,


  1. Let me close by congratulating this year’s award winners. Your success stories are what we are here to celebrate.  Your achievements are a clear demonstration of the importance of developing strong fundamentals for future growth for Malaysia’s halal industry.
  2. As we strive towards overcoming today’s challenges and seizing tomorrow’s opportunities, I hope the success stories of tonight’s award winners will motivate others to join us on this halal journey, and HDC is here to support and facilitate the halal players as you scale and compete effectively in the future economy.
  3. I wish all of you a meaningful and rewarding journey ahead in taking the halal industry to even greater heights.

Thank you,

Wabillahi Tawfiq walhidayah, Wassalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.